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Cruyff Classics Vanenburg Trainers Navy
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Cruyff Classics Recopa Classic Trainers Black
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Cruyff Classics Recopa Classic Trainers Navy
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Cruyff Trainers
Cruyff Trainers were founded and developed by Dutch footballing legend Johan Cruyff. During his career, Johan Cruyff played for Spanish club Barcelona, and later returned to manage the incredible side - earning himself countless awards as both a player and a coach. 
During his time in Barcelona, Johan Cruyff decided to expand his reach, from football to fashion. He founded Cruyff Trainers as a primarily footballing brand, producing footwear for players during games and training. Since then, the brand has massively evolved to produce it's own clothing line, and hundreds more trainer designs. 
Since the death of Johan Cruyff, the footballing influence surrounding the brand has only increased. The following behind the Dutch star is huge, and his legacy still shines through the brand today, in many of the products they produce. Cruyff Classics mirror the footballing style which were originally developed, and the tech side follows new market trends, changing with the times to keep the footwear up to date and relevant. 
There will always be a core Cruyff customer in the football market, but many Cruyff products are favoured by people outside of the sport as well. Cruyff work with what's successful in the market, whether it be the knitwear, the sewing, the branding or the design. They bring what works best to each of their trainers, and try to find something that no one else has and make it their own. 
Mainline Menswear is a proud online retailer of Cruyff products, selling the highest quality footwear. Our customer support team is always available through email, phone or live chat if you have any problems - so don't hesitate to get in touch.   
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